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Unified Communications

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SIP Trunks

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Value Added Services

Value Added Services
Use case specific solutions
Hospitality Reporting tool Communication tool Contact Center Voice Recording Integration
Hospitality is the solution for efficient communication. It accelerates digitalization for accommodation businesses of all kind and helps to efficiently manage resources and costs.hospitality is the cloud-generated answer for all communication requirements in the hospitality branch.
All common known PMS can be linked to hospitality
hospitality helps to efficiently manage and use resources at less costs.
Hospitality is of use for all kinds of accommodation businesses
Hospitality meets all needs of operational cost efficiency
Hospitality includes multilingual wake-up calls and flat guest rate tables. The hospitality solution is the connection to all front office systems and provides customized telephone services in all kinds of settings and surroundings. Other services are: package billing for guests, voicemail for guests and employees, eight languages, call-through functionality, check-in & check-out with deletion of guest data, prepaid, billing, room state forwarding at the room and many more.
Monitoring Queues

Just charged to monitor per agent, Can have for a month, min 5 users 

The product is aimed at small to medium-sized companies (without size restrictions) and offers with its feature set extensive possibilities to visually illustrate and monitor queues, skills and agent activities. Features such as live monitoring and reporting are provided for this purpose. These features are aimed at monitoring agents and queues and improving customer contact processes.  Nmonitoring Queues is a browser-based product, it is cross-platform (Windows, OS X) and location-independent.

Access to real-time data
Simplistic web interface
Customizable wallboards
Powerful reporting
Comprehensive performance analysis
Pay-per-agent pricing model
Contact Center

contactcenter, a complete contact  centre with a variety of innovative functions that enables digital, effective and transparent multichannel communication processes via your web browser. Our integrated, proven solution offers maximum flexibility and future-proofing without the need to invest in hardware and inconvenient software installation.
Web-based, multi-channel contact centre with WhatsApp, email and more
ACD, IVR, Dialler, CTI, recording / reporting
CRM connector via RESTful web services, ticketing and BSS system integration

Some of the services you can bolt on , can have a few extns as agents, integrates with CRM using rest API, can look up fields etc

Neorecording software from ASC Technologies is a cloud-based voice recording and analysing solution connected to the NFON cloud telephone system. Neorecording solves your challenges with EU legislation and will revolutionise your customer communication. Size doesn’t matter - you’ll reduce costs and have room to expand your business.
Meets EU legislation requirements including MiFID II
Consultant calls encrypted and archived for at least five years
Minimizing risks: Avoiding penalties by supervisory authority
ICS Call Record 
The Future-proof professional voice recording from Tollring

Legally secure documentation to comply with compliance guidelines (e.g. PCI , MiFID II & GDPR)
Selective recording for verification purposes
Recording as a basis for quality assurance
Flexible search and playback of business transactions
CTI Standard / Premium
Integrate your desk phone with you computer for powerful features and more
Uses your computer as a remote control for your desk telephone.
Integrate CRM and ERP systems into the client
Screen pop, click to dial and directory. 
Presence and chat also available
Salesforce, dynamics, Zoho and so many more

CTI Premium client, the computer can be used as a remote control for a desk phone. Remote control here means that you can control the desk phone from your workstation computer and thus initiate calls. It requires a windows-based server to be operated by the customer order for the client applications to work. All requests (i.e. data sources) are initiated by the client, not by the server.
The CTI premium client is a 3rd party CTI (Computer-Telephony-Integration) client for Windows and is compatible with Windows. Linux is not currently supported. The client is either available as CTI premium client without CRM integration or CTI premium CRM with CRM integration. The server for the CTI Premium must be requested from Support. The support is able to set up the server for the customer. One-off costs are due for this. 
A large number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be integrated in the Windows CRM variant. The resulting shortened work processes and simplified call management lead to higher productivity and efficiency at the workplace. :

CTI Premium supports the following operating systems:Windows - Windows Vista and higher (32/64bit)
CTI Premium supports the following desk phones:Polycom (FW 6.0)SnomYealink
Panasonic KX-TGP600
Operator Panel
Dedicated Operator Softphone
The Operator Panel is a professional voice reception panel, where an employee can accept incoming calls, make calls out of the integrated softphone and forward certain calls to their recipients. 
They are able to put calls on hold and forward the caller to a specific person within the company. Also, he can deny the caller’s wish to get forwarded.
Unlimited number of parallel calls & Drag & Drop
CRM integration & Compatible with Outlook
The operatorpanel (NOP) is the successor product to reception (VOP). It's a professional voice reception panel, where an employee can accept incoming calls, make calls out of the integrated softphone and forward certain calls to their recipients. Therefore he is able, to get certain information, put calls on hold and forward the caller to a specific person within the company. Also he can deny the callers wish to get forwarded.
The operatorpanel wins with modern design, intuitive usability and a wide feature set. Perfect to meet the requirements of (bigger) SMEs and LEs.

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