Network Design and Implementationcisco

Our network solution provides specialist expert help through our Professional Services Practice, from network design right through to follow-on support, to ensure optimum benefits for your business. Design Services Practice brings together extensive design capability and best of breed technologies to create a highly effective, scalable IT environment that will support your objectives now and moving forward.We work closely with you, reviewing your current network and discussing your requirements. Our assessment includes: identifying critical areas of network, such as bandwidth and security, and drawing up plans to resolve any issues. For instance you may currently be paying for bandwidth you don’t use
Our strategy and design consultants will draw up a tailored solution to match your evolving needs and achieve greater cost-efficiency. For example, we can recommend optimisation technologies to increase bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of buying more lines! The focus of our design is to build in manageability, scalability and reduced complexity across the network. At every stage of our services, from design and implementation to our pro and reactive support services, we ensures industry best practice is adhered to at all
Dyanamix Networks specialises in the design, implementation and on-going support and management of 10, 40 & 100GE core networks extending out to the distribution and access layer. Our designs leverage EnergyWise technology enabling businesses to grow their data centre while reducing their carbon footprint and power consumption.
Network Optimization
Our diagnostics, strategic planning and performance optimization services help clients increase network efficiency and performance. We assess current network operations against future business requirements, align the network infrastructure to accommodate new business goals and incorporate applications such as cloud, mobility, analytics, “bring your own device” (BYOD) and big data. Typical results: We can deliver a prioritized roadmap of network investments, aligned with technology and business strategies, and work with clients to rapidly deploy the upgraded network with reduced risk, to increase efficiency, enhance performance and improve network operations
Wireless Solutions
Dyanamix Networks offers wireless solutions that keep your business connected, informed and communicating, no matter where. And because our specialist team look after everything, businesses any location, any size, are free to be mobile. Through our extensive experience, we appreciate that wireless solutions require thorough planning, testing, proactive monitoring and a strong service level agreement (SLA) to validate and maintain business application compatibility. Planning and testing are integral to our solution.As an independent provider of services and equipment, we search the market for the right products for you. We work with industry specialist partners to select the best of breed wireless technology and design your system to achieve the maximum benefits for your organisation at the best price. We always take care to ensure the wireless solutions we implement will meet your specific security needs and the latest standards. What’s more, we design the solution to be future proof – tailored to meet your current business needs, and easily scalable for tomorrow’s.